Alche Schenck Van Doren

   a legend herself

1705 - 1801

This is a written memoria in my possesion, to Alche Van Doren taken from the bible of her greatgrandson Frederick Van Liew Van Doren, who in turn, is my grgrgrandfather.

Translation -  "On the death of our Grandmother, On Sunday the 17th of May 1801, Died at Middlebush in the county of Somerset, Mrs Alche Van Doren Widow of Mr. Christian Van Doren in the 97th year of her age, in her 95 year, her natural strength was so little abated that she was able from the distance of nearly six miles to give constant attendance upon public worship not less remarkable for her piety than for her natural vigour, her conversation uniformly Adorned the Gospel which She professed.  She was especially distinguished by the virtues of humility, patience and meekness.  She lived and died universally esteemed and beloved by her acquaintences, and has left a numerous offspring to lament her death.  She had 17 children, all of whom except one, who died a young man, were married.  She had 121 grandchildren, 200 great grandchildren, and 6 great great grandchildren, total 352 (descendants).  (emphasis added)

Sophia Ann Van Doren's Memorandum  May 1, 1825

Copied from Frederick Van Liew Van Doren's book by his Grand Daughter, Martha G. Van Doren Brush
Nov. 17, 1948."

note:  "all of who except one" refers to their 13 child,  a son, Roeliff, born 1743 and died age 19,  in 1762  in a farming accident

The following photos taken at Alche's and Christian's gravesite in August, 2004, at the Cedar Grove Cemetary, Middlebush, New Jersey:

The above is a monument placed at the gravesite of Christian and Alche Van Doren in 1930, at the Cedar Grove Cemetary in Middlebush, New Jersey.   Cedar Grove Cemetary was established in 1743 by Christian Van Doren from a portion of his farm.

The original sandstone  headstones of Alche and Christian Van Doren

The following anecdotes are taken from A. Van Doren Honeyman's work "The Van Doorn Family in Holland and America" and are attributed to an original publication in the 1890's called "Our Home" by Judge Ralph Voorhees:

"She was early accustomed to horseback riding.  On account of the bad state of the roads and the want of bridges, the family were often obliged to go to church on horseback.  Tradition states that on one Sabbath morning the parents started to church with ten of their children, all mounted, and each on a separate horse, the children leading, the parents following in the rear.  Could that scene be reproduced on canas, how striking and beautiful a view would it present of the manner of church-going in the olden time!............
While living in the log house, a rattlesnake came through one of the openings in the stone chimney, and she, undaunted, seized him with a pair of tongs, put him into the fire, and held him there until he was dead."

The Judge also says that "she rendered good service at the spinning wheel at the age of 92.  In her 95th year, from the distance of nearly six miles, she gave constant attendance upon religious worship, in the First Reformed Church in New Brunswick.  She was also an intimate friend of the sainted Jufrouw Hardenburgh.  This old lady was a striking portraiture of a virtuous woman, as described by Solomon."